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SIUC ACM Installfest

Hello all,

I'm the president of the SIUC student chapter of ACM.  We're having a
Linux/*BSD installfest in the Mackinaw room of the SIUC student center
on Saturday April 12th from 12pm - 6pm.

I don't have the annoucement on the ACM web site yet.  It will be there
before long.  I am emailing to drum up interest in attendance.  I don't
personally know too many Linux gurus among the student body of SIU.  I'm
inviting you guys to come on down and help the Linux newbies.

My first semester here at SIU, I mentioned at a SILUG meeting that we
should have an installfest on the SIUC campus.  Now that I'm president
of ACM, that is a reality.  Anyone interested in showing up?

James B Newby <newbyjb@siu.edu>

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