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Re: Perl - Fortune 500 quality?

On Fri, Dec 20, 2002 at 05:25:22PM -0500, William Underwood wrote:
>   So, what's up with his "Not a fortune 500" comment?  I'd think there are
> plenty of fortune 500 companies that have perl scripts running around.


Checking jobs.perl.org, we have openings from Major League Baseball
and Amazon.com on the main page.

I happen to know a lot of Perl coders over at Mastercard in O'Fallon,

I was offered a Perl coding job at State Farm in Bloomington, IL
repeatedly a couple of years back.

I personally wrote a *lot* of Perl code at Caterpillar when I worked
there, and last I checked they were still using most (if not all) of
it.  I even taught a couple of Perl classes while I was there.

I think your boss is confused.  It must be all that Java.

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