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Re: creamy goodness

They are really nice toys.  Although, if you want any performance you need
to go with scsi, they are ide default.  which, imho on sun sucks the
dockey ass when it comes to ide.  especially when they put 5200 rpm drives
in there.  sheesh

> Tighe Schlottog wrote:
> > # /usr/platform/sun4u/sbin/prtdiag
> > System Configuration: Sun Microsystems  sun4u Sun Blade 100
> So *that's* what that box collecting dust in the corner of my office is?
> I'd never heard of Sun's "Blade 100" box, so I figured it was junk and
> never even turned it on when some tech dropped it off. He heard I was the
> team's "Unix guru" and was told I needed one "to do Unix stuff".
> Maybe I'll fire up dnetc on it and just let it chug. Or rip MP3s or
> vobs.
> I'll send the prtdiag too. I guess it runs Slowlaris as well.
> Mike808/

Tighe		w00t		blumnky
	"I am anger incarnate."
	"Oh yeah?  I toss poo."

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