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Re: FW: creamy goodness

ok, ill keep track as the requests come in.  i don't know how many we will
be able to let go of, but theyare nice boxes.  you will need a sun wd13
monitor or a wd13 to hd15 (type9) converter.  i think that those are about
$35.  the machines on the other hand, i'll bring them to a meeting and
dole them out.  right now the order is nate, steve, and william.

> I'd love to have one!  And I really would wax your car for it!  I'm
> running a SparcStation 5/70 right now, and while I really like it, I
> sure wouldn't mind upgrading a bit.
> Really, as long as the cost is not too much, I am interested.  Let me
> know, ok?

Tighe		w00t		blumnky
	"I am anger incarnate."
	"Oh yeah?  I toss poo."

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