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Re: ssh is awesome

"James L. Burke" wrote:
> Actually, the only thing that I couldn't get from the various man pages was 
> the fact that although the rsa1 standard is the default with ssh-keygen, 
> this doesn't seem to work right out of the box (at least on my box - 
> Red Hat 7.2 kernel 2.4.9-13) ... when I finally thought to run ssh with the 
> "-v" option I saw that ssh was trying rsa2 and dsa, but not rsa1 ... 
> when I re-ran ssh-keygen with "-t rsa" I got an rsa2 key that worked great.

Hmm. My RH box had a 'user-ssh-config' and a 'server-ssh-config' scripts that
generated those nicely for me. Both dsa and rsa keys.
Just did a 'ls -ld /usr/local/bin/*ssh*' to find them.

> Also, ssh makes X11 forwarding really easy ...

Yup. Why the other day I (A) was telnet'ed into a box (B), ssh'd into 
another (C) and then ssh'd from there to (D) (due to firewall reasons), 
and then ran Netscape on (D) forwarding the X session back to (C),
which then forwarded back to (B), which then forwarded back to me on 
(A), where I was running Cygwin/XFree86 with icewm.

Very cool, indeed. Made the Sun guys drool, and the NT guys just lost it.
I can hear their screams now... "UN-FSCK-IN-BELIEV-ABLE!"

Then I fired up TuxRacer. :)

Too bad they spent all that money on Win2K Terminal Server licenses.

perl -le "$_='7284254074:0930970:H4012816';tr[0->][ BOPEN!SMUT];print"

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