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Re: Possible Linux demo day.

On Sun, 20 Jan 2002, Ev wrote:

> Ham radio swap meet Jan 26 at the Collinsville Convention Center
> A friend just sent me the above info.  Last I heard, Ham Swap Meets have
> mostly turned into computer swap meets.

Not exactly, but not too far from the truth.  Let's just say that there's
a prevalence of computer hardware amongst the radio gear.  

>  Maybe some one would like to look
> into this?  It might be a good place to set up a Linux demo table.  Ham
> radio and computers users are of the same breed.  Yep, you found me out.
> I'm both, Ham Radio Operator and computer nut.

Actually, it would be a good place to sell copies of linux.  I've got a
friend that does nothing but go to various ham radio shows and sets up a
table selling various distros of linux (burnt copies).   

Likewise, one of the hottest crazes in ham radio is the IRLP project.  


Internet Relay Linking project.  Or, allowing tech class ops to use their
440 / 2m radios to talk world wide.  I've got a few complaints about the
project, but otherwise it's pretty impressive.


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