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Re: recompiling kernels in Red Hat 7.2

only thing i can tell you is that i know redhat has taken heat over
including a more or less developmental version of gcc with their 7.1 and 7.2

has he tried installing a different version of gcc?  i know that the kernel
is usually only recommended for compiling on certain versions of gcc

> Hey,
> Has anyone had problems recompiling kernels in Red Hat 7.2? My friend
> Dan, who used to work with me here, and is pretty experienced in Linux,
> wrote me and said:
> "Hey, have anyone tried to recompile the kernel in the last version of
> RH 7.2?  I am trying to optimize for routing and build iptables into the
> kernel but it is proving to be difficult.
> I get the no init found kernel panic try passing init= to kernel.  I
> have tried doing the initrd /boot/newinit-image 2.4.7-10 even though I
> don't need SCSI and I don't enable them in the make menuconfig.
> I took a peek at the discussion groups on the Red Hat site (Kernel's
> Spicey Chicken), there are some post that say gcc is broke and you need
> to edit the makefile and change the HOSTCC=gcc to HOSTCC=kgcc, than
> install appropriate RPMs and try again but not luck for me.  A few have
> said the their solution was to go back to RH 6.2.
> By the way, if you are going to make a router/FW from an old 486--  RH
> 7.2 will not install on 486SX, it will give the error: No math
> coprocessor found, No math emulator found, GIVING UP.  Solution, throw
> the 486SX chip in the trash and buy a 486DX2 chip for $5 at Computer
> Renaissance.  My 486 motherboard only has one IDE controller and I need
> that for my 2G HD.  I tried to put a cdrom on the ribbon and set the HD
> as master and the cdrom as slave but it did not like that at all!!  So I
> had to do a network install, and all I have are ISA slots.  In my
> opinion, the best ISA cards that you can by are 3c515 (corkscrew).  It
> is a 10/100 autosense ISA NIC with dos software that allows you to
> program the NIC's EPROM to set the IRQ, I/O address and DMA (no
> jumpers).  RedHat 7.2 has the drivers for these on the netdrv.img for
> the network install or if you are lucky enough to do a cdrom install,
> kudzu will find them and configure them with no problems. I found the
> 3c515 on ebay for $13 each, I bought two.  Some companies on the
> Internet were selling them for  $139 ea!!
> <http://www.gotocol.com/3comfastisa.html>"
> I told him to make sure he had updated all the RPMs on his machine as I
> know there were newer versions of the glibc stuff.
> Any other ideas?
> -
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