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Re: HU Emulartor?

>Basically this was meant as an impossible task that might keep Tighe busy
>for a moment or 2 until he figured out that it couldn't be done. The
>hardware doesn't exist! (yet)

Hey!  Don't make me whip out my grad knowledge of FPGA and smack you
around with it.  Just because something doesn't exist doesn't mean that
it can't be done.  But, like Kara said, such talk is illegal and
naughty.  On a lighter note, I aleveated my boredom by 'accidently'
shutting off the core routers here in teh office.  The phones were like
christmas tree lights.  :)  

Count my speeling mistakes!


Tighe Schlottog		Sys Admin at large	  /emry\"@"/accessus.net\
                             ook ook

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