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Re: 1/3/2002 O'Fallon meeting reminder

Oooh newbies are fun, I think I'll bring one, do perl one liners count
as simple commands, I'm still impressed by the one steve showed me at
the last meeting, there is an interesting article this morning on the
register, http://www.theregister.co.uk/content/4/23518.html  tony z
posted it on sluug, in that article they mention consolidated computing
with linux and ibm mainframes, if any of you are interested in playing
around with ibm mainframes and linux/390 then tell me and I'll burn you
a copy of the Hercules 370/390 emulator (which runs on linux)I have the
cbttabe archive cd's, I haven't pulled down a copy of suse/390 yet but
I'm going to see what I can do by 7 :)  some good sites on this topics
Hercules home page:
cbttape archive page:

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I will be your facilitator for the next meeting of the O'Fallon SILUG
Kara asked me to send out the reminder, so here goes...  <clearing my

The next O'Fallon meeting of the Southern Illinois Linux Users Group
is scheduled for tomorrow, Thursday, January 3, at the O'Fallon
City Library.  As usual, the meeting is at 7 PM.  See the web site for
the location, driving directions, etc.

Some folks like a meeting that adheres strictly to an agenda.  Some
So let's have both!  Our get-together will consist of a formal meeting,
followed by an informal whatever-we-feel-like-doing meeting.  (Pizza,
talk about whatever, etc.)

Also, feel free to tell a friend!  Newcomers are fun!  Heck, I'm easily
impressed myself!  8-)


-- Introductions - Who am I?  Who are you?
-- What's new with Linux? - Someone's GOTTA know some rumors!
-- Presentation(s):
   Kylix ("Delphi for Linux") by Charlie Brune
-- Beginner's Corner
   Please share a simple Linux command that you find handy.
   Don't assume that everyone knows even simple commands, 'cause I
   sure don't!  (I've got mine picked out already.)
-- Questions and Answers
-- Decide on presentations for next month's meeting
-- Review the agenda - Does this format work?
-- Adjourn (let the BS session/pizza/beer/whatever begin!!!)

See you there.  :-)

Charlie Brune

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