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Re: RedHat 7.2: What version of kernel?

On Thu, Oct 11, 2001 at 10:59:18AM -0500, Brune, Charlie wrote:
> Question:  What is the relationship between the "rawhide" directory and the
> directories under "beta"?  Is rawhide another beta, or is it a place to store
> the "latest and greatest" rpm's?

Red Hat development goes something like this:

    1) Red Hat developers working on a new release do stuff to packages
       in their internal development tree.

    2) If that goes well, they push it to Rawhide.

    3) When Rawhide starts to stabilize (or they are told to by
       Management ;), they push out a beta release or a real release.
       This includes the installer, building ISOs, etc.

    4) Repeat.

So Rawhide isn't *quite* the latest-and-greatest, but it is pretty
close.  (Occasionally Red Hat developers put
not-quite-ready-for-rawhide RPMs on their personal web sites and such
for people to try...  I had to get XFree86 that way recently to fix a
DRI bug.)

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