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Re: 3ware Cards

KoReE said:
> Anyone know where I can find the best price on these things?

For right now, I'd just hit PriceWatch.  (If you don't mind waiting a
week or two, I might be able to sell them cheap.  :)

There are 3 revisions of the cards right now.

    5000	ATA/33, RAID 0/1/1+0
    6000	ATA/66, RAID 0/1/1+0/5 (*)
    7000	ATA/100, RAID 0/1/1+0/5 (*), 64-bit PCI

* Make sure you are running with the latest firmware and drivers if
you want RAID 5 to work reliably.

I haven't messed with the 7000-series (yet), but I'm assuming that
they number the cards the same.  The numbering scheme goes like this:

    x200	2-port (max 2 drives), short PCI card
    x400	4-port (max 4 drives), full-length PCI card
    x800	8-port (max 8 drives), full-length PCI card

So there are 5200, 5400, 5800, 6200, 6400, 6800 models, and probably
7200, 7400, and 7800.  I'm told there is also a 6410, which is the
6400 on a short card.  The 5400 and 6400 are on the same board as the
5800, but with only half the board populated.

> Also, Steve,
> I've heard you say good things about these, but can find little
> documentation on using these with Linux?  Any URLs you could throw my way
> would be much appreciated :D

There really isn't much to it.  Use the 3w-xxxx SCSI driver, get
firmware and such from www.3ware.com, and install 3dm (also from
www.3ware.com) if you want to monitor/configure a running card.

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