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Re: SILUG Presentation

On Thu, 12 Jul 2001, Steven Pritchard wrote:

> Sean /The RIMBoy/ said:
> > To be quite honest, aside from ISP's and the like, what is the linux
> > market currently like in the Belleville area?
> I'm installing a lot of Linux systems at completely non-technical
> offices for firewalls/routers, file servers, mail servers, etc.
> Business is pretty good.  :-)

Now if you could start getting some schools.  I'd love to get my mom's
school doing linux, but the economics of being in Nashville TN vs
Belleville just won't let it happen.  And believe me, I've kicked it
around quite a bit after listening to the problems she's had w/
school/classroom management software.

Good to hear business is doing well in the area.  It's disappointed me
that the Belleville area does not have as much technical stuff (aside from
SAFB) as it could possibly have.  Then again, I know the reason :)  


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