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Re: Burning CD's

Brune, Charlie said:
> How would I make burn a CD with a copy of a "directory tree", like /fred and
> everything under it?

mkisofs -o fred.iso -v -J -r /fred

> Do I *have* to make a .iso first?

There's probably a way around it, but I've honestly never bothered to
figure out what.  The various front-ends to mkisofs and cdrecord
probably have some way to do that.

If all else fails, I suppose you could run a script like this:


if [ -z "$*" ] ; then
    echo "Usage: $0 <directory> [ <directory> [ <directory> [...] ] ]"

out=`mktemp /tmp/XXXXXX.iso`

trap "rm -f $out" EXIT

mkisofs -o $out -v -J -r $* || echo "mkisofs failed" >&2 && exit 1

cdrecord -v -eject dev=0,0,0 speed=12 driveropts=burnproof $out

### END

That way the iso is created & deleted automagically.

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