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New meeting place for FH SILUG

Kara and I have been to the O'fallon public library and starting in July we have reserved their Meeting Room which can hold up to 100 people, on the following dates;
The first Tuesday in July, July 3rd
The first Tuesday in August, August 7th
The first Tuesday in September, September 4th
The third Tuesday in October, October 16th
The first Tuesday in November, November 6th
The first Tuesday in December, December 4th
During the summer their rooms are pretty much used up on the 3rd Tuesday which is why we switched to the first Tuesday. October was already taken on the 1st Tues. so we took the 3rd one. Mark 'em on your calender so you don't get confused, like me.
I'm guessing the Steve will put a new map up on SILUG.ORG for anyone that doesn't know how to get there. If you need explicit directions you can call me at home. I live less than a block away. 624-0932. Remember though, I work nights and sleep during the day. Thanks.
Stephen D. Reindl