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Re: DMA and corruption on WD hd

Hi Steven,

On Monday, May 14, 2001, 10:43 PM, you rearranged your electrons about "DMA and corruption on WD hd":

>> Personally, I really like IBM's ATA drives.  So far, IBM holds the
>> distinction of having never built a drive that I've seen fail.

S> Wow, you stole my thunder...  I was going to go on my
S> IBM-makes-the-best-drives rant...  :-)

I have a friend who has his own puter business, for several years, in
Thailand.  He always swears by IBM drives, says he has tried everything,
and all fail eventually because of the humidity, rainy season,
electrical hot and cold spots, blackouts, and everything else
imaginable.  Over the years, he has found IBM to be the most reliable.

Best regards,

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