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Re: Lilo problem

Okay, okay. I have the required partition inside the first 40MB where the
boot partition lives. Lilo is loaded in the MBR. The map, message and boot.b
files along with vmlinuz linked to vmlinux-2.4.2-2 all reside in the boot
partition that is the first 40MB.

Here is a little paragraph from, ah hum (for Kara), The RHCE Exam Cram book
authored by MTB Kara J. Pritchard,

    Watch for your LILO prompt. If you don't get any part of the LILO
prompt, LILO didn't load. If you get an L, the first stage boot loader is
loaded and started. If you get an LI, The second stage boot loader is
loaded. If you get an LIL, The second stage boot loader is started. If you
get an LIL?, the second stage boot loader was loaded at an incorrect
address. If you get an LIL-, the descriptor table is corrupt. If you get
LILO all of LILO has been loaded correctly.

I knew I'd read it somewhere. I fall into the first instance. I only get L.
This obviously means that the first stage boot loader is there and working
but the second stage loader is not loading. OK, now that I now what is
wrong, what is the second stage boot loader and how do I fix it?

The output of /sbin/lilo -t -v -v -v gets me some information about things
that are going on without being real verbose. I'll redirect it to a file if
anyone's interested in looking at it. Seems to find everything. Very
perplexing. Maybe I'll bring it tomorrow night and let the resident GURU's
have a go at it, hint, hint.

OBTW Robert, if you use the -l (linear) or -L (lba32) options when writing
LILO you can exceed the 8.4GB limit, according to the man page for my
version of LILO which is 21.4-2.

You know something just crossed my mind (whoosh) I wonder if I uninstall
LILO and reinstall it using my same lilo.conf if the problem will go away.
Hmmmmmm. Back to the boot floppy.


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