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SILUG: Wednesday, 9/1/2010 Metro East meeting

The next St. Louis Metro East meeting of the Southern Illinois Linux
Users Group is scheduled for tomorrow, Wednesday, September 1, 2010 at
the Computer Room at 3720 Green Mount Crossing Drive in Shiloh.  As
usual, the meeting is at 7 PM.

I have a very cool piece of software that I'd like to show off at
tomorrow's meeting called ceph.  It's a clustered filesystem that has
some really interesting features.

In addition, Doc has asked for a walk-through of Nagios, so if anyone is
very familiar with that and wanted to talk about it for a few minutes,
we'd all appreciate it.  (The best I can do is "Why I hate Nagios" and
"Why I use Zenoss", neither of which is particularly helpful, although
that probably won't stop me...  ;-)

A couple of quick announcements...  Next week is the Ohio Linux Fest.  I
highly recommend making the trip out to Columbus for the event if you
can.  Online registration closes tomorrow, but you'll be able to
register on-site the day of the event, although I'm sure they would
prefer you didn't.  :-)


(I'll be teaching a class on data recovery there.)

Speaking of classes, we'll have classes on vi and vim at the Computer
Room in about a month.


I'm teaching the first one and Bill Odom will be teaching the
cool^H^H^H^Hsecond one.  If you have to use vi on a daily basis and you
don't enjoy it, you need these classes.

See you all tomorrow.  :-)

steve@silug.org           | Southern Illinois Linux Users Group
(618)624-4440             | See web site for meeting details.
Steven Pritchard          | http://www.silug.org/

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