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SILUG: Annual Christmas Party

It's the Annual I'm tired of Christmas Parties Christmas Party.

When: Saturday, Dec 21, 6:00 - 10:00
What: Fortel's Pizza (RSVP for topping preference)
Where: Kara & Steven Pritchard's Home (email me for directions)
       Fairview Heights, IL
Why:  Just Because.

Bring: Your Beverage of Choice, game to play (opt), snacks/goodies (opt)

RSVP is helpful, but not required.  Family and other non-geek significant 
others are welcome. 

LUG members are encouraged to gather together and go to see either LOTR or 
Nemisis afterwards. (Pre-purchase your tickets!)

Kara Pritchard                          Phone: 618-398-7360
Director of Exam Development            http://www.lpi.org/

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