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SILUG: Fairview Heights meeting *tonight* (11/21/2000)

(I apologize for sending this out at the last minute.  It went to
silug-discuss, but I forgot to forward it here.)

----- Forwarded message from Larry White -----

For those who are new or maybe haven't been to a meeting in a while, 
we are have our monthly meeting next Tueday evening - November 21th.  
Meeting are held in the SRA conference room, located on the second 
floor of 331 Salem Place, Fairview Heights, IL.  If you don't where 
Salem Pl is, pretend you're standing under the water tower in the St. 
Clair Mall parking lot, looking towards the I 64.  The building just 
on the other side of the Highway with the big red letter that say SRA 
is the building in question.

Randy Flood will be talking some more about certification.  (Maybe we 
can get him to give us a tour of his website.)

See ya there.
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