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SILUG: Meeting Update

Due to the holiday, the crisis in Iraq, the impending impeachment vote,
the 3 finals I have on Friday, the hours of sleep I have missed studying,
the fact that my first day as a full time employee at TCT is Monday and
working on projects or the shopping I have not done (take your pick)  we
will not be having a meeting this Monday.  Also, I need a bit more time to
get the things running that I want to help facilitate better meetings in
the new meeting room.  For those who want to know that includes my very
own laptop and some parts for the Alpha I purchased. 

After consulting with Rich and the calender we thought we might wait until
the first Monday in Feb becasue as Rich so eloquently stated. "That will
give us enough time for us to get out s**t together."  Also, it will give
us enough time to get the word out around the campus.  

But as a preview for things to come in February include:

-Revamped SILUG webpage with new gizmos to play with.

-A demonstration of installing Linux on an Alpha.

-A demonstration of installing Linux on a laptop.
	Once the laptop is operational we will be able to showcase new
	software every meeting.

-A demonstration of the programming resources that Linux provides.

-For the first meeting in Feb we will be outlining what Linux is and what
	it isn't.  I expect to have many new people there as that we will
	be advertising with the CS/EE dept's as well as the Daily Egyptian (the
	school newspaper).  We'll also try and do the laptop installation
	to demonstrate how easy it is.

-Games available for Linux.

-Trip in May to the Linux Expo.

-Installfest in April. And this time we will be doing this.  I'm sick of
just talking about it and not doing it (I know it's my own fault.)

I'd also like to put out a request for any old radio equipent you might
not be using that works with Linux.  I'd really like to have a demo of
packet radio.  Anyway, if you have been a frequent visitor to the meetings
I hope you can handle the influx of new members and if you haven't been at
the meetings you might want to start coming in February as that it's a lot
of fun and you have the chance to learn more about Linux and share what
you already know.

Hey Steve, I need access to the bank account.

| Mark Bishop  (mark@bish.net)         |   Computer Engineering Senior |
| 618.529.5760                         |  Southern Illinois University |
| http://bish.net                      |           TCT Systems Manager |

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