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SILUG: Meeting: April 20, 1998

The next meeting of the Southern Illinois Linux Users' Group is tonight,
Monday, April 20th, 1998 at 7pm, at John A. Logan college in Carterville, IL.
We'll be meeting in room C139A (see www.silug.org for directions).  

Topics are very open, so if you have anything neat you want to show us,
feel free to bring it.  I will begin covering basic system administration
and system security, and if someone knows a lot about the beta kernels in
the 2.1.x series, I'd like for them to discuss that.  I also have
information about Linux Expo in Durham, NC.  Hope to see you and a friend
there tonight!


PS:  Keep Mark Bishop in your thoughts and prayers.  His mother passed
     away this weekend.

Koree A. Smith  | Co-Administrator, Ameth.org
koree@Ameth.org | http://www.ameth.org/~koree       
NT != *IX       | I Corinthians 2:1-5

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