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SILUG: Computerfest - Springfield, IL - Saturday, March 14

A group of local computer users groups are having their annual
Computerfest this Saturday, March 14, at the Illinois State
Fairgrounds in Springfield, Illinois.  In case you are wondering why
you should care, here's why...  :-)

First, one of those users groups is the Linux Users of Central
Illinois, another fine product of the Steve family of Linux Users
Groups.(*)  Second, LUCI will have a booth with several cool
demonstrations, including a Linux cluster, a demo of Linux Quake 2 on
a 3Dfx Voodoo card, etc.  Third, we're also going to have a bunch of
stuff to give away.  And, best of all, there will be a presentation by
yours truly on open-source development and open-source software,
focusing on Linux, to offset a couple of demonstrations by a Microsoft

For more information, see the LUCI web site at


or email info@luci.org.

(*) The Southern Illinois Linux Users Group, the Evansville Advanced
Systems Users Group, and the Linux Users of Central Illinois are all
users groups I started or helped start.  I consider many, perhaps
most, of the members to be close personal friends.  That's why I'm
hitting all of you with this announcement.  My apologies to those who
aren't interested.

steve@silug.org           | Linux Users of Central Illinois
(217)698-1694             | Meetings the 4th Tuesday of every month
Steven Pritchard          | http://www.luci.org/ for more info

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