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lot of seven 21-inch monitors

I have these monitors available for sale:

    - (2x) SGI-branded Sony Trinitron GDM-20E21 (female DB-15 and 13W3 
    - (2x) Micron-branded Sony Trinitron GDM-5402 (2x female DB-15 
    - (2x) Sony Trinitron GDM-500PS ``Multiscan'' (female DB-15 and BNC 
RGB-HVsync connections)
    - (1x) Sony Trinitron CPD-G500 ``Multiscan'' (female DB-15 and BNG 
RGB-HVsync connections)

The SGI-branded Trinitrons have minor cosmetic damage to the enclosure, 
but the actual CRT itself is in full working order.  The bases are 
original with 1/8'' aircraft-grade aluminum bolted onto the bottom for 
extra stability.  The door on both monitors for covering up the 
adjustment buttons is missing.  One has enclosure blemishes from an 
aftermarket desk lamp being affixed with double-sided tape.

The Micron-branded Trinitrons are in excellent condition.  There are 
enclosure blemishes due to hooks being affixed to the right sides of the 
monitors for headphones in a classroom environment.  The monitors were 
retired because of screen size and power consumption.

The other three Trinitrons are in good condition and are as of yet untested.

All of these monitors, as far as I can tell, are true multisync 
monitors.  They will work on UNIX workstations that require a 
sync-on-green monitor.

I will provide photos upon request, and prices are negotiable within 
reason.  Make me an offer.

I will not ship these, so pickup must be coordinated.

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