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[DISCUSS] Anyone need an Adaptec 2940UW? non-Win-modem? hub? (fwd)

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Date: Tue, 11 Feb 2003 08:12:50 -0600
From: Kyle Cordes <kyle@kylecordes.com>
Reply-To: discuss@sluug.org
To: discuss@sluug.org
Subject: [DISCUSS] Anyone need an Adaptec 2940UW?  non-Win-modem?  hub?

I have three items to offer for sale / giveaway:

* Adaptec 2940UW ultra-wide PCI SCSI adapter.  It was used for a few months,
a couple years ago when it was bought.  I think they go new for $50 or so
nowadays, several hundred back when I got it.  Anyone need it?  How about

* 10 megabit, 4-port hub.  This is free to whoever asks and reminds me to
bring it to a meeting.

* USRobotics Sportster 56K internal modem, several years old.  ISA bus.  NOT
a WinModem, it's the real thing, and works very well.  I'd keep it forever
as a backup, but my newer machines have no ISA slots.  $10?


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